Types of Doulas to Consider Becoming

A doula’s job is to help mothers and family members plan for, deliver, and care for a new baby. There are various types of doulas involved in this phase, each with a different field of expertise in the sphere of birth. Many doulas provide more than one of these programmes, with the aim of assisting families during the nine months of pregnancy and beyond. You can find out more Washougal Postpartum Doulas

Doula for Birth (Labor)

One of the most common types of doula is a birth doula. The function of a doula is to assist a mother and her family during the beautiful process of labour and delivery of a newborn baby. This assistance may include mental and psychological motivation, teaching valuable knowledge about the birthing process, massage and physical support during childbirth, coaching through breathing exercises and labour positions, bringing water and food as needed, and any other non-medical assistance to the labouring mother and her partner. Birth doulas usually provide 1 or 2 visits prior to the birth to get to know the family and 1 or 2 follow-up visits after the birth to assist with breastfeeding and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Doula for Expectant Mothers

Antepartum Doulas are most often used to support pregnant women who have been put on bedrest or who will be experiencing a high-risk or high-stress pregnancy. Teenage, unplanned, or high-risk pregnancies, as well as their challenges, can be extremely perplexing for a new mother. Antepartum doulas will have the listening ear as well as a lot of emotional support. They can provide contact information and useful information on training and support groups, as well as respond to questions and concerns with tact and experience. They can also help with light housework or meal preparation for a mother who needs help or just wants to relax.

Doula for Postpartum (Postnatal)

In the high-anxiety, no-sleep days and weeks following the birth of a new infant, postpartum doulas may be a lifesaver. These types of doulas can help with light housework, food preparation, and cleanup for an hour or as long as the client desires. They also provide invaluable support for new parents learning how to breastfeed a newborn, get them to sleep*, or comfort a child who has been crying for three hours. They, like all doulas, will provide invaluable expertise, emotional support, and experience during the beautiful yet daunting process of childbirth.

Doulas for Sleep: Acting as a “sleep doula” is one of the services provided by postpartum doulas. This type of doula specialises in assisting new mothers and fathers in establishing a convenient sleeping routine for their infants, as well as resolving frequent sleep situations for babies.