More About Water Mold Fire Restoration of Fort Lauderdale

Do you have flood damage to your home? Do you know if you qualify for flood insurance? Does your home meet the guidelines for being a rental property? A professional, experienced water restoration company could help. A residential water restoration company has the skill and training to treat water damage and mold on your home. Additionally, they will have the equipment and resources to safely remove floodwaters and completely dry your home. Find more information Water Mold Fire Restoration of Fort Lauderdale

Most water restoration companies are fully equipped to complete mold remediation as well. Whether you have mold or not, a quality water extraction company will have the skills and experience to thoroughly clean your house. Once your house is cleaned, they will begin to dry it out using high-efficiency drying equipment. This equipment is able to get the walls and floors dry much faster than normal, which minimizes the risk of moisture escape. Once your house is completely dry, your water restoration company will then sanitize the interior walls and floors using antibacterial solutions and mold-killing chemicals. Professional dry cleaning companies will also use HEPA filters to help filter out any dust mites and other allergens during this process.

Now that your house is clean and dry, it is time to address the structural damages. If your walls were weakened by water or have sustained damages, your water restoration company may be able to recommend a mitigation solution to strengthen the walls. Mitigation refers to strengthening the walls by sealing them from outside influences like storms or leaks. This not only reduces the risk of further water penetration into your home, but it can also reduce the cost of your insurance policy. In addition, some mitigation options can extend the life of your walls by a few years. If your home needs more than one layer of protection, your water restoration company will be able to offer suggestions for the best solution for your needs.