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The colonies would be big enough to see with the naked eye after 2-4 years (within months on the coasts or in very humid areas). Roof algae are a challenge in and of themselves, but it gets even worse when you consider their entourage! Groupies, that’s it! When algae throw a Roof Top Woodstock, they invite mildew, mould, and fungi to join them. These creatures feed on the bacteria’s organic waste products. Mildew, mould, and fungi join the display as there are millions of algae on the roof.Learn more by visiting¬† Rainout Roofing, LLC, Smyrna

Mould and fungus, including roof algae, are airborne and tracked by birds and squirrels. Fungus and mould had no chance on a roof top in the past (unless the roof was covered with leaves or branches), since they need organic food. Mould and fungus cannot grow on asphalt shingles, even though they contain limestone. Roof algae, on the other hand, feed on inorganic limestone, resulting in ‘organic algae waste,’ which provides a feast of fungus food!

Everyone enjoys a good gathering, but this one on the roof is, in a word, ‘trouble.’ Our roof tops account for more than 40% of the home’s visual appearance, so keeping it clean is just as critical as keeping the grass mowed. How people ‘feel’ about your home and how you feel about theirs has an effect on neighbourhood property values and homeowner pride. Communities thrive when neighbourhoods are kept safe!

Roofing contractors play a critical role in delivering roofing solutions to homeowners and business owners. Some homeowners attempt to fix their homes themselves using the internet’s images, directions, and other resources. When it comes to roof removal, attic insulation, and roof repairs, however, you can employ a qualified roofing contractor.

There are no manuals or videos that can compare to the everyday experience they acquire from practise and day-to-day roofing work. Roofing is more complicated than it seems at first glance, and overlooking a minor detail may result in major issues later. An experienced roofer can pinpoint the source of the issue, as well as the source of the leak or harm.