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If you’re buying a car, find out what makes and models are available before you buy. Drive with caution. Many consumers are unaware that geotags are allowed by default on most smartphones. You may be snapping pictures of your child here and there, but when you post these priceless images online, you unwittingly jeopardise your child’s protection. It is up to the user to configure his computer in order to disable this function. However, this procedure is time consuming, and any incorrect changes to the factory settings may cause the system to stop working.Learn more by visiting¬† Little Rock Auto Insurance

Using the Geotag Security app is a sure-fire way. Instead of futilely fiddling with your camera or smartphone, the app would remove geotags from all files in the folder where picture files are downloaded one by one. It can also erase geotags from previous images. It’s a worry-free tool that keeps you geotags secure. And if you post all of your wonderful moments with your child on the internet, it will provide you with privacy and peace of mind.

Geotagging is described by Wikipedia as: “A type of geospatial metadata is the process of attaching geographical identification metadata to various media such as images, video, websites, or RSS feeds. Latitude and longitude coordinates are the most common type of data, but they may also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names. It’s a popular choice for photos.”

Geotagging is a technique for storing spatial data on digital platforms. For example, most smart phones (including the iPhone) can embed information such as longitude, latitude, altitude, direction, time, and date into the actual file of a digital photograph without your knowledge. It can be used to save information about the location of a photograph. Geotagging can be a fun way to view images on maps and help users make a geographic collage of their photos when done correctly.