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A home painter or decorator is someone employed by a business to paint and refurbish buildings and is sometimes referred to as a commercial painter or decorator. Their role is often considered the equivalent of an architect’s because they help to create a distinctive design for a commercial building that will help to sell or market the property. The main function of exterior painting is to protect a structure from damage caused by weather, water, insects and mold, whilst also to enhance the look of the building and increase its marketability. They often work in partnership with architects and designers to create a scheme that gives the best possible result for their clients.Visit Arlington painters for more details.

Commercial painters often have a particular area of expertise such as painting ceilings, walls, stairs and splashbacks. Sometimes they are also asked to cover windows, repairing damage or repainting old plaster walls. One of the main aspects of this work is that it must look seamless, meaning that a visitor to your property would not be able to identify which room was part of the interior, or which part of the building was constructed from timber. Some painters use modern techniques such as sponge painting, watercolor and stenciling when applying paint to buildings. Other techniques used include mattock, brush painting and cold-press painting; all these methods produce an impressive result if the surfaces to be painted are flat, smooth and resistant to staining.

Some painters combine the roles of decorator and painter, creating a seamless combination of commercial painting services. These types of painters often work with architects and designers, creating innovative designs for businesses to enhance their potential for success. These types of businesses usually employ interior designers, masons and plasterers. Decorative painting services may also be required by museums, galleries and public areas where murals, paintings and statues are part of the landscape.

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