Explaining about Creations Hair Salon

The “Dream-Come-True” experience is focused on the client’s experiences with you when they come in for a service. Let’s take a look at how the client interacts with you when they’re in the unit. Consider their interactions with you as part of a timeline, with distinct interactions occurring over the duration of the unit. For more info¬† read here

It all begins with them scheduling a meeting. What’s your take on it? What occurs during this period? What method do they use to schedule their appointment? Do they contact you by phone? Do they make a phone call to speak with another stylist? Do they communicate with a receptionist? Do they schedule their own appointments? – of these needs to be considered, and each of these needs to be created. Although this is only about scheduling an appointment, you can see how many different experiences the client could have based on how they book the appointment and who they speak with. You must consider how you want the experience to unfold and what will turn that action into a “Dream-Come-True” moment for your client. Make a detailed list of each interaction, action, and operation that will take place with your client in order to schedule an appointment. Now, I don’t want to bore you with a list of these types of actions with each and every step along the way, but I believe you get the idea of what you need to do and consider for each step.

They head out of the salon (Just like when they were getting their hair shampooed, similar questions, do you just watch them walk out, do you walk away, do you escort them, etc.).

So, we’ve got 11 steps here. Obviously, some people are more involved than others, but the point is that they are all involved. The client has an experience at each of these stages. What is going on with them? Are they appreciating what they’re seeing, smelling, experiencing, and so on as they go through each of these steps?