Outside Witness and DUI Defense

The measures involved in a DUI case can be complicated and difficult to follow. If you’ve been charged with DUI, you may still be feeling frustrated by the amount of confusion and change that has come into your life as a result of the charge. As a result, you’ll definitely want to learn what you can about your legal rights and choices. Many people underestimate the role that witnesses may play in defending a person facing DUI or DWI charges. However, before taking the next step, it is prudent to obtain legal advice from a licenced and experienced attorney. Do you want to learn more? view the page

Prospective In your case, a non-expert witness

It is possible for the prosecutor to call non-expert witnesses to testify in your case, and it is also possible for you to do so. You can meet multiple onlookers or other witnesses immediately before and after your arrest by an officer who may provide legitimate and valid evidence for your case. These individuals may include:

Waiters and waitresses from the restaurant or bar where you ate or drank.

Bartenders are people who work in bars.

Other passengers in your vehicle

Family members who helped you get out of prison

Since the officer’s word is so important in DUI cases, these additional witnesses may help the case in a positive and powerful way. You will be able to successfully contest the charges against you by securing the testimony of non-expert witnesses and working with an experienced DUI defence attorney. You may be able to get the charges reduced in severity or, in some cases, have the charges dismissed entirely.