Urgent and Primary Care: Why They Are So Important

What is Urgent Care, exactly?

Urgent care is often confused with primary care, but it focuses on serious medical issues. A urinary tract infection or a broken bone, for example, would be an emergency. You do not need to make an appointment with your doctor for these types of issues. You can easily walk into an urgent care facility and get your problem handled as soon as a doctor is available. Of course, the number of people waiting for their turn will have an effect! Learn more about Partida Corona Medical Center.

These clinics are a perfect option for those who don’t have a primary care physician and need medical attention right away. Clinics are often often open for longer hours, and patients are seen even when other doctors are not present.

What is the concept of primary care?

It’s important to have a reliable primary care physician on hand on a regular basis. These physicians not only treat you for all of your non-urgent issues, but they also provide you with individual patient-centered care for your mind, spirit, and body, as well as advice about how to stay safe and practise good living habits. People usually have a board-certified physician or a nurse practitioner that they know and trust and who they go to when they need medical advice.

A paediatrician is a general practitioner who specialises in the treatment of infants. If you have a disorder that does not require immediate attention, primary care is the best choice. It helps you to speak with a specialist who is familiar with you and has treated you for prior issues and has all of your medical records on paper.

Understanding the Distinction

The main distinction between the two forms of care is the patient’s condition and how urgently it needs to be addressed. So, if you think you’re dealing with anything that can’t wait until tomorrow, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to be seen by someone who knows you. If you have an urgent issue, don’t hesitate to go to an urgent care clinic and be handled right away.

Some hospitals are also able to provide both primary and urgent care services. You will see the same doctor on a daily basis, and if you have an emergency in the middle of the night, you will rush to the er, where the doctors on call will have access to your records and will be able to handle you without difficulty.