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Postpartum doulas are those who have undergone training in childbirth and have been certified by the American Doula Association as being capable to counsel on breastfeeding, infant massage, male nipples, male breasts and procedures such as elective male nipples or other forms of male nipple enhancement. There are several benefits for having a doula with you during your postpartum days. The doula will assist you in expressing your feelings when it is not possible to communicate them to your husband or partner. The doula will also assist in the nursery tasks including diaper changing, preparing food for the new parents and keeping the house spotless so that the new parents can get started on acclimating to their new home. A postpartum doula will also ensure that the mom is kept occupied, allowing her some time to herself without worrying about how to do housework or shopping. It is also recommended that mothers register themselves for souls’ assistance at local hospitals so they can get help at postpartum check-ups.Feel free to find more information at Washougal postpartum doulas.

A postpartum doula will also assist in the first few weeks after birth while the new mother is recovering from postpartum hemorrhage, back pain or other ailments. This is because the doula will act as a mediator between the new parents and the medical staff, especially during emergency room visits. The doula will take care of taking the vital signs of the mother, recording them for chart notes, communicating to the hospital staff on the status of the mother’s condition and assisting the medical staff in transporting the mother to the right hospital. The doula will also provide emotional support to the new parents. They will listen to the worries and fears of the new parents, encourage them and provide love and comfort to help them through this trying period in their lives.

However, the advantages of having a postpartum doula extend beyond the immediate aftermath of birth. Many postpartum doulas find that they receive referrals and additional clients because of their previous experience working with the new parents and helping them through their time after birth. In addition, most postpartum doulas find that they are valued members of the family and that their presence is appreciated by the new parents. Doulas are able to help the new parents sort through many of the issues that surround their new baby and new life. They can also help to provide the structure and security that many new parents need when they are away at work for long periods of time. Having a reliable, trusted, knowledgeable postpartum doula on your team can be invaluable.

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