Streaming Channel- An overview

Let us take a look at a few of the different channels and how they complement each other within a Multi-Channel Strategy. Example: I was hired to create awareness for a very exclusive event that will be attended by many different prominent figures in a location that is not readily accessible to all prospective customers. For this example, I set up a Multi-Channel Strategy using direct mail, email blasts, select website communications (highly positioned and prominent websites only), Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The reason I selected this specific group of channels for my Multi-Channel Strategy is that I know my customer base with regards to which channels that they use, thus I am in a position to create the overall strategy to be layered onto the select channels with designated timing for each. Do you want to learn more?check this link right here now

With a lot of lead time, I will send out direct mail to start the word-of-mouth going on the event. Next, I will engage select email blasts closer to the timing of the event knowing the dynamics of email versus direct mail. In addition, I will start the buzz going online by engaging complementary websites that hold a prominent position and high ranking within the major search engines as well as have a strong following to ensure that the pre-message reaches the right audience; this is critical when managing your investment in time and money to maximize your return by working with only progressive, prominent websites that have a powerful Internet Presence. The message will be consistent, and will be channel specific in nature to create enough interest that the customer will delve into additional channels for more information. Depending on the event, there may be prior experiences I could share with people via Facebook or YouTube that could be launched simultaneously with the direct mail and/or email blasts.

Timing on this step varies by product, access to information, and the ability to manage the message to meet your needs, thus if there is not enough streaming video available to complement my message then I will wait until after the event when I will have the communications to meet my needs. If the information is not available or does not complement my overall Multi-Channel Strategy then it is better to wait on this step and not engage it just because everyone else is using streaming video. Control of what you say and when you say it is still in your hands while the medium of choice is controlled by the customer, so utilize the Multi-Channel Strategy to its maximum and control the process.

So, where does a tool like Twitter come into play, well I will use it to drum up excitement for the event as it draws near, but remember that Twitter is a dynamic communication tool that is only as good as its last Tweet. This is a powerful communications tool to use during the event to draw in customers from the controlled direct mail, email blasts, and website communications who were not able to attend. After the event, I will utilize a new round of direct mail and email blasts to complement the online streaming video postings in Facebook and YouTube as I build towards future events.