Law Office of Matthew S. Norris – An Overview

Sometimes, when you are involved in an accident and the damage is not too serious, you do not necessarily need a lawyer. You can, on your own, negotiate compensation from the guilty party to cover your discomfort. But, if you were involved in a much serious accident which caused you to be hospitalized and damaged your property as well, then it is best to get a personal injury attorney. Do not go out and hire just any attorney, it has to be someone who practices and specializes in this kind of law, personal injury law. Not all attorneys are able and experienced in handling personal injury cases, so make sure you find someone whose livelihood is made on personal injury cases. By clicking here we get info about Law Office of Matthew S. Norris, San Antonio
Sounds easy enough, but how do you get the right fir for the job? How can you tell and experienced person from someone fresh out of college? You can start by calling them up and asking for information. Ask them to send over an information kit on your type of case, including things you should know, expect and also ask them why they would be the best team to represent case. You want them to send this information so that you have it in writing and you can make a price comparison with other firms. If they insist that you need to come in for a meeting, decline the offer. If they insist that you can only get the information by coming to their office, you can and should just hang up. What happens when you go to their office? Well, they would have an experienced sales person to sell their services to you. They will offer you all the discounts in the world, as long as you hire them. There will be pressure to cave in, so if you feel that you might not be able stand your ground, why meet up? Either they send the info kit or you will move on.
If you are approached in the emergency room by someone who says they can hook you up with a great attorney, you should give them the cold shoulder. In person solicitation is illegal in most states and knowing this, the firm or their representative who is trying to hook you up should not attempt this. If they call you or mail you first, even before you start attorney searching then you should just ignore them or throw out the mail. Once you have listed down at least 3 lawyers to choose from, here is where you will need to do more work. You will need to interview them personally. You need to get to know them and be comfortable. Only God knows how long your case will take to be settled, so you need someone on your side that is easy to work with and you can trust. There is no point in working with someone you can’t stand or trust.
Once you have this information or you are close to deciding who want, ask them if they have any other referrals. Attorneys are busy people, many people want to engage their services and many can pay more than you so they would be glad to point you to some one else. If they are unable to this, they are starved for business, and this would not be good for you as they will definitely charge you expensively.