AC Repair Tips

Because of the drastic rise in refrigerant and device prices, it’s important to consider what you should and shouldn’t do with your air conditioner. You want to stop being taken advantage of by any air conditioner repairmen who are only interested in the contents of your pocket. There’s no need to worry if your air conditioner breaks down and you don’t know who to call; learn to follow this easy protocol and you’ll be happy you did.Learn more by visiting AC Repair

If you have friendly neighbours, speak to them and find out what they do when they face similar challenges. Another option is to look at the local yellow pages to see who can be recruited. You must, however, proceed with caution because not all television ad firms are trustworthy.
You must be patient and refrain from replacing any parts only because the first heater repairman who came to your house says so. Although it’s true that things don’t last forever, millions of homeowners waste money due to deceptive or even faulty diagnosis just because a technician said a component couldn’t be fixed and had to be replaced. It’s always a good idea to get a second or third opinion if the technician says this about your new air conditioner.
A simple fix can often solve the issue and save you thousands of dollars.
Dirt is one of the most common issues with air conditioners, so make sure yours is clean as well. Simply switch off the air conditioner and try to collect as much soil, seeds, leaves, and debris as possible with your garden hose. This should be done on a regular basis, particularly during the cooler months. It’s best not to run your lawn mower too close to your air conditioner because the grass clippings it discharges will easily get into the coils. Dirt clogs the coils, reducing air flow and increasing pressure within the compressor, making it work harder. As a result, the compressor’s life is cut short, and AC performance suffers.
Most air conditioner manufacturers suggest a minimum distance between the air conditioner and vegetation, ranging from 12 to 18 inches on the lower end to 5 feet on the upper end. If your air conditioner is going to work properly, it needs to have good air flow over the evaporator coil on the furnace. The air filter should be changed once a month because a dirty one will cause the coil to freeze up or, even worse, the refrigerant to leak back into the compressor, causing it to malfunction. Clean the drain line as well to prevent clogging it with water and causing damage to the furnace.