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The field of dermatology also includes specialization such as facial dermatology, genital dermatology, facial plastic surgery, and pediatric dermatology. A cosmetic dermatologist specializes in the field of aesthetic medicine, treating both patients and their families for aesthetic issues like hair removal, face lift, and other similar procedures. A pulmonologist is a doctor specializing in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. He is basically a heart system specialist. Cardiothoracic surgeons are involved in cardiothoracic surgery, which involves the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disorders. Learn more about West Dermatology Palm Springs.

Finally, we have the pathology and pathophysiology of skin disorders. This classification is usually subdivided into specialized subspecialties such as allergy dermatology, acne dermatology, cardiovascular dermatology, gynecological dermatology, head and neck dermatology, kidney/renal dermatology, plastic dermatology, rheumatology dermatology, and skin cancer dermatology. Skin care is a subspecialty of pathology and pathophysiology. Skin care refers to procedures and products used to maintain the healthy look of the skin through a thorough assessment of skin structure and physical structures. Skin care dermatologists usually diagnose patients according to their symptoms and knowledge of skin.

These doctors should be licensed by the State in which they practice. Dermatologists and doctors who practice medicine without a license are calling dispensing physicians. You can either check if your dermatologist has a license or call the state medical board to find out if the doctor is certified. If you have any queries or are having a skin condition that you believe might be a skin disease, it is important that you contact your doctor for further information and clarification.