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I’m in a unique position to provide advice on what could work for dental health at home. When I say “practise,” I’m referring to activities that have the ability to keep gums and teeth safe over time.Come watch and join us at My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates.

Since I offer a specific dental tool, I have this unique point of view. This is the primary method I use for my own oral hygiene at home. Of course, I also go to the dentist for a check-up on a regular basis. The difference now is that I get to learn that my gums are in good shape, that my pocket depths have been reduced, and that they will remain so. I also stayed away from the dreaded ‘deep cleaning,’ also known as SRP (Scaling and Root Planing). This particular tool astounded me, and I started writing about it many years ago. In reality, I mention it in my gum disease book. Later, I started selling this tool to customers directly.

Even though I should have predicted it, what follows is surprising. Customers always tell me about their own experiences with this method. On the same day that I wrote this post, a customer told me that his gums were firmer the next day after his first use. He said that he had never seen his gums so firm. Here, I’m not one to make health claims, but I do believe that such claims should be backed up by empirical evidence and clinical trials. I’m not sure if what he said is right. However, the number of people who tell me about their experiences with this dental health device astounds me. From my view, this man’s storey is not at all extraordinary.

I recently spoke with a woman who said that after just two weeks of using this method, her dentist told her that her gum health had improved by 70%. After a $3000 gum operation to patch up her gums, she went in for another ‘deep cleaning.’