A Guide To Dispensaries Near Me

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve struggled with extreme anxiety. When doing mundane tasks like cooking or cleaning, my anxiety caused me to have uncontrollable fits of anger. I used to smoke medical marijuana to help monitor my symptoms when I was alone or socialising with friends. I live in southern California, where buying, selling, and using marijuana is legal with a doctor’s note costing between $60 and $100. I’ve had a fruitful and fulfilling life, having established many successful companies and having a wonderful wife of 20 years and two lovely daughters. For years, I smoked whatever cannabis I could get my hands on, usually based on the scent or pungency of the buds. But then I found that, like teas, marijuana or cannabis comes in a variety of forms and plant species, but it usually falls into two specific strains: sativa, which is good for daytime cerebral use, and indica, which is good for relaxing and chilling out before bedtime. I also discovered that some people combine the two strains for a completely different effect. I started using sativa exclusively because it provided me with instant relaxation, renewed motivation, and a sense of perspective while I was having a panic attack. Have a look at Dispensaries Near Me to get more info on this.

NOT A CURE, BUT PROVIDES TEMPORARY RELIEF Some claim that marijuana only provides a short-term cure or “high,” because the active ingredient, THC, wears off quickly, leaving you hungry and psychologically back where you started—sometimes even worse. I understand, and I agree with you to a large extent. Depending on the type of weed ingested, landing is a very different experience. I felt much happier overall, and the impact of my anxiety attacks was lessened if only for an hour or two, as long as I stuck to the sativa daytime strain of marijuana. I was well aware that marijuana provided only temporary symptomatic anxiety relief and was not a long-term solution to my anxiety. I realised I needed to address the source of my concerns for a more long-term approach. However, I knew I couldn’t work day to day if I was having uncontrollable bouts of frustration and panic. Marijuana, like many other prescription anxiety relievers, immediately freed me from the strong, almost unbreakable grasp of an anxiety attack. I was able to deal with the lesser of two evils in terms of side effects.

EFFECTS OF THE SIDE EFFECTS While I used marijuana to relieve my anxiety, I was aware of the dangers of possible side effects such as brain cell death and known effects on the lungs. Some experts say that it has a negative effect on sexual libido, but I’ve never seen one. To lessen the impact on my lungs, I started eating cannabis edibles like butter, cookies, pies, teas and sodas, and even marijuana-infused olive oil.